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Here are a few quick notes on writing a specification for your character art,
if you need any assistance please feel free to get in contact.

Describing your Character

Describe the visual features of your character as you would like to see them in the art. You can also mention their personality and from which genre / system they live.

Using Image Reference

Words are open to interpretation, images are perfect for showing exactly what look and feel you have in mind. You can use images to communicate the vibe and all elements of your character clearly and effectively.

Too little?

Short specifications are nice and allow artistic freedom, when elements aren’t included gaps are filled based on the general description. It is important to give enough details so your character can be envisioned however.

Too much…

Over-complicating an image can be an eye-sore, the best images focus around a handful of features which the composition points towards. Please mention if there are any features of your character you consider highly important.

Group Illustrations

If you would prefer to use one form for all characters, label each character by number so that it’s clear which character details are written in each part. Please note interactions, chemistry or anything you would like to see happening in the illustration between the characters in ‘Other Details’.

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    Basic Details [Gender, Age, Race, Height, Build]

    Visual Description [Hair, Facial Shape, Eyes, Alignment, Features, Looks like?]

    Armor & Weapons [Types, Appearance, Cloaks, Belts]

    Other Details [Vibe, Mood, Personality, Pose]

    Please include some photo reference, these can be links from google images or anywhere you can find them. They are very useful for communicating certain elements of your character.
    Example - <- I want them wearing this sort of armor.
    Please feel free to to include as many links as you like.

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