Greetings Traveller!

I see you found your way to my hollow.. Oh admiring my scribbles are you? You better have enough gold in that purse of yours if you want me to sketch you, and I’m completely booked up until next Solstice!.. but I suppose seeing as you’re here already I can squeeze you in, have a seat over there by the fire and help yourself to some mead.

I’ll tell you how to order then, first visit my workshop by clicking below and choose how you would like me to portray you or your friends, add any extras you’d like and then toss your gold into my bag of… carrying! My goblin helpers will guide you through the process and collect all of your details, from your hairstyle to your magically gravity defying sword of destruction! Now you get to put your feet up while I finish your artwork, I’ll magically send the art, and have your lovely parchment prints follow soon after by messenger.

Oh, before you go I have a proposition for you! If you can spread the word while you’re out on your adventures I would be eternally grateful, so much so that if you send me 7 folks to sketch, I’ll do one completely free of charge for you! Just tell them to speak your name when they order.

Custom character art

Sketched and colour option

Groups & Encounters

Makes a great gift!

Two A5 high quality prints

Refer 7 and get 1 free